Kathleen (scornedvow) wrote in mulegends,

Private servers and luck of jewel finds?

I was wondering when did you start finding jewels, what kind, and where? Was it mostly from soloing or in a party? I didn't find my first chaos til lvl 57 in Noria. It wasn't til lvl 80 that jewels started dropping and every time it was in a party, not soloing. I'm curious if the same stats go for you guys. My friend was in a spot in Davias and in 20 minutes, 3b dropped. The next day, same spot, 1b1c1s dropped. For me, in lt4, 2b1s dropped, the next day drag boots +2+12+luck. I hear that the longer you stay in one spot, the better chances for drops. Let me know what you think!
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