Kathleen (scornedvow) wrote in mulegends,


It's been a long time since a post was made it. Sorry the community is kind of dead, but it serves its purpose. I wonder if you guys still play mu. If so, check out this server: http://nfmu.ath.cx It's an amazing server and well-balanced. If you need any downloads, check out http://mu.clan.gr That's the website my friend and I have created for our own server BNBMU. Server will go up once we get the DSL connection. Let me know what you guys are up to ^^
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Lol! I'm on that server too! I joined up about a week ago and I haven't been on livejournal for awhile so I only saw this post today. Good to know you're on it too, scornedvow! Hehe... Are you still playing these days?
yeah i am :P whats your nick?
Hmmm, well I guess it doesn't matter now because the server doesn't seem to be there anymore! Any idea what happened to it?
no clue and i dont care. :P we finally got our own server up. I was IceChick. Don't know if you knew me or not. if youre interested in playing with our server, let me know :)