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Okay, well I've been playing MU since about December 2003. One of my friends introduced me to it and I've been hooked ever since. I started out on Wigle with an elf who ended up hybrid and weak and party-less. I found out my friend was playing on Maya so I went there and started an e elf since he needed one to party with. Unfortunately, he got hacked a couple of days ago and quit. I considered quitting too but I've made too many friends there to quit just like that. So my plan is to stay until I get hacked. And with all the account hacking going on, I have no doubt that my time will come eventually.

MU is a fun game. It's a shame there's so much hacking and scamming and cheating going on. All the good players are getting sick of it and leaving. MU will be left to the hackers and cheaters if nothing is done about them...
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=) hello there. I started my elf on maya and mine is a hybrid. I'm far from useless and party-less though. =P I chose to go up to wind armor, no higher, and the rest is energy.

As for the hacking, I agree. However, most of my guild now plays while trying not to draw attention to themselves. They use a lvl 6 character to trade, don't wear their armor in towns, and don't go phono often. My lvl 135 wiz friend was hacked, all +7-9 legendary gone. However, he stuck with it and less than a month later he's back in action with the same items, and some better.

I do agree that hackers have multiplied outrageously. I have not seen several of the hackers I turned in though. I suggest downloading a program called fraps. Mu does not accept screenshots as proof of hackers. Fraps is a video program that records them in action. Since I found out about it, my guild all use it now. I can't say for sure that it's working, but it does seem to. There are hundreds out there, but eventually ppl will start to realize hackers are being deleted.

There are a couple private servers I know about... which seem to be hack free. I also hear that with the new patch, there is a higher upgrade for security. I hope it will have some affect. =) What lvl are you?
Heh, it's sad that you have to go to such lengths to avoid being hacked but I agree that keeping a low profile and not showing off is probably the best way to avoid it.

I know about fraps but I've been a little lazy about getting off my butt and downloading it... Are you on MuHQ forums by any chance?

My e elf is now lvl 76. Slowly getting close to being able to go to LT...

I'm looking forward to the new patch... Maybe there's some hope left... Lol. I don't have much hope that the account hackers will go away though... I'm just wondering when it'll be my turn to be hacked.
dont give up too quickly. Several high lvl (180+ and magic gladiators) haven't been hacked yet and you would think they would be targeted. I've noticed in the past few months that whenever I was a real bitch to someone, I would get a msg saying someone was trying to log into my account. However, nothing has been taken. They might have just been trying to scare me, but I still take precautions to treat others with respect, no matter how noobish.

When you can go to LT, let me know and maybe we can hook up with some parties. =)