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HallooOOoo & Salutations!

hi all!

mmm, I'm a 23 year old female in the US, currently living in Oregon, and I've been playing Mu since, eh . . .June of 2003? mmmm, elves are my favorite class to level since they are the hardest (IMO).

mm, I mostly stopped playing Mu because of all the hackers and what not, but I still log in from time to time. My main character is Delacya, and I'm known for being a candidate for the power guilds and refusing to join them. *lol* (Because of that, people try to kill me a lot whenever I'm on. >O They rarely succeeded so . . "SUCKERS! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!") *coughs* ahem.


I guess that's it, and now I shall go hide in my corner of spasticness. *hides*
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